Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get on the waiting list?

Fill out an application. It is free to apply. Make sure it is filled in completely as incomplete applications will not be placed on the waiting list and will be returned to you. All questions on the application refer to all adults in the prospective household.

2) How long is the waiting list?

It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to work your way up the waiting list depending on the property, unit size, and how you qualify income-wise. We recommend getting on the waiting list as soon as possible. You are welcome to call us for your wait list status. You must keep us informed of any changes in income, household composition, and contact information. If notices sent to you are returned as undeliverable, you will be removed from the wait list.

3) Is there an application fee?


4) What are the income requirements for rentals?

First, your household annual income must be no greater than the amount allowed by HOME/Tax-Credit. See the 4th page of the application (titled General Program Financial Information) for the household income limits.

Second, if you do not have a rental subsidy (such as a section 8 voucher), then your monthly income must be twice the rent or more (Example: If the rent for a 1 bedroom  is $596, your monthly income would need to be at least $1192 to be eligible for that unit.-See page 4 of the application for rent prices).

5) What if there is not enough room on the application for the past 5 full years of resident information. 

If you do not have enough room on the application, then you may submit an additional sheet of paper. If the adults have lived at different properties during the same period please designate who lived where.

6) What if I cannot remember the day I moved in/out of a property?

That is fine. The month and year is what we need. Again, please make sure to include a full 5 years of where you have lived, even if you did not rent.

7) Do you ever have showings to see inside the units?

Unfortunately, we do not have model units to show applicants. When someone moves out of their apartment, we will show the unit, but only to the person who has completed the paperwork process (including verifying previous landlords, running a credit check and verifying all income and assets) and is considering renting the specific unit that is available. We highly recommend driving by the different properties before requesting to be placed on their waiting list.

8) Is smoking allowed at your properties?

By the fall of 2018 smoking of any kind will not be allowed inside the apartments. Smoking cannabis is not permitted on any property even if you have a medical prescription. Smoking cigarettes is only allowed in designated areas outside; not all properties have designated areas on site.

9) Do your properties accept pets?

Yes, pets are allowed at certain properties. Pets are allowed at Bayview Courtyards, C Street Apartments, 3rd Street Apartments, Murray Road Duplexes, 9th Street Apartments and Loni Drive Apartments with a $200 pet deposit. One pet is allowed per household. All 10 of our properties accept emotional support/service animals with appropriate documentation.

10) Do you accept co-signers?


11) Do I  need to fill out multiple applications for the multiple adults in the household?

No. We only need one application per household. All adults in prospective household must sign application on the last page.

12) Do you offer any type of priority placement on the wait list?

No. Your position on the waiting list is based on when you apply, we are unable to give preference over anyone else, UNLESS you can prove that you have been displaced due to a government action or presidentially declared disaster (such as a wild fire) or VAWA applies to you AND you currently live in a government assisted property.

13) I got a letter saying I am at the top of the waiting list, what does this mean?

We consider the top 20 people on the waiting list to be at “the top.” When a tenant puts their 30 day notice in, we contact all 20 people at the top of the waiting list to see if they are interested in the unit. Those who are interested must fill out paperwork to verify income/assets and pass landlord and credit check to see if you qualify for our low income housing. The first person to complete this process (which can take anywhere from 1 week to a month) is the person we would offer the unit to first. It is very important that we always have a way to contact you by telephone and mail, and when we do contact you, please respond as soon as possible.